Restorative Mediation

Successful organisations develop their managers and business leaders with the skills and techniques necessary to engage their people in delivering business outcomes with ease and goodwill. There are, however, occasion when individuals behave in ways that are inconsistent with the aims and values of the enterprise.

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It’s all too easy for managers to sweep these issues under the carpet in the hope that they will somehow go away. This can result in loss of productivity, ill-will among team members, stress and loss of credibility for the manager, and may escalate into disruptive, time consuming and expensive disciplinary procedures.


Restorative Mediation is an evidence-based process which uniquely brings together the transgressor(s) and those who have been affected by the situation in a facilitated meeting which allows all stakeholders to express their thoughts and ideas, and results in reparation of any harm done, together with a profound and lasting restoration of goodwill amongst those involved.


The techniques and skills of Restorative Mediation can also be used in less formal situations by managers, team leaders and others throughout the organisation.



When to use Restorative Mediation:

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  • Conflict and disputes
  • Performance management
  • Dealing with difficult behaviour
  • Change management
  • Team Building
  • Circles and Action Learning sets
  • Management and Leadership Development
  • Creating a Restorative Culture


 We provide:

  • Mediation skills - PNGFacilitation of restorative meetings
  • Facilitation of circles and Action Learning sets
  • Training in facilitation skills for in-house staff
  • Training for managers and business leaders in Restorative Leadership