Pyramid Thinking

A structured logic for compelling business communication

As professionals we all need to create compelling arguments, recommendations, and proposals. We also need to be time efficient in their production.

Quality of Logic -pngIt has been shown that communications structured as a nested hierarchy of logic have a much greater chance of being easily assimilated in the brain, leading to a much higher success rate in getting ideas accepted by an audience. What really matters is the quality of logic Vs the quantity of data.

In addition, we need to minimise reworking and duplicated effort, as colleagues collaborate in the production of the communication.

Using Pyramid Thinking creates the most compelling propositions in a time effective way because:

  • Your ideas are structured in a format that makes it easy for the human brain to assimilate
  • The logical structure of the message makes it compelling and powerful
  • By crafting the one-page logic template before you start writing the full communication, or designing a presentation, much re-working is avoided


We provide Pyramid Thinking masterclasses in:

  • Compelling bids and propositions
  • Compelling business communication
  • Compelling presentations
  • Compelling training course outlines 
  • How to untroduce a guest speaker (short skill shot)