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Coaching – A Rational Approach

In ten years I have provided 948 paid hours of coaching to 143 individual or teams, from 22 organisations. I use a variety of coaching methods to suit the situation. Over the years I have found a Rational approach to be particularly effective in work related situations. It involves a meaningful dialogue, focused on eliminating the barriers to performance and achieving results without struggle. It includes: goal setting, Socratic inquiry, humour, props and storytelling, plus feedback and skills rehearsal


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It gets results

Whatever the aim of the coaching it always boils down to one thing; purposeful action. Action brings results; and is the portal to self-knowledge.




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Results are accelerated

Because it cuts to the chase in identifying and eliminating obstacles to success, results occur surprisingly quickly.


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Results are lasting

As you become practiced in coaching methods that build skill and create insight, you are able to apply these techniques to future scenarios. You thereby become ‘self-coaching’ and the results keep coming.


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Results build confidence

Confidence is a by-product of authenticity. When you are happy being who you really are; knowing what’s important to you; successfully playing to your strengths; and comfortably managing any shortcomings, you exude a grace and ease which elevates your stature in the eyes of others. We call this Authentic Leadership.




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